I moved to Las Vegas from Boston. I'm having my car delivered via a car transportation company and to save money I loaded my things inside the vehicle. One of the things is my amp. It will take roughly four days for my car to show up. The amp has an amp cover over it and is in my back seat roughly sheilded from the sunlight. A lot of my friends think it'll be fine for the care ride over but I was wondering your opinions. It's being transported on the back of a flat bed so no one will actually be physically driving the monte carlo. Let me know what you guys think! for what it's worth it's a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 40w Tube amp.

Also if this is in the wrong forum I apologize, I wasn't really sure where to post this
Well it's always been in a closed environment. It's never been in a car 5 days straight so I was just askin man. No need to rage bro.
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Seriously? You lived on the east coast.

Did your amp ever break in the winter? Did it ever break in the summer?

There you go, question answered.

Well, they aren't shipped in a Limousine.
Think about where you amp was before it got to you.
It probably sat inside an 18 wheeler traveling through blistering heat or snowstorms. Maybe both.
Driving down nice smooth highways as well as rough dirty, bumpy roads loaded with potholes, before it found its way to you.

And you may want to re-seat your tubes when you get it.
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