Hey guys. I'm in the market for a cheap tube amp that has a nice clean tone and can do some distortion/crunch as well (in the vein of bands like Incubus). I've been looking into some of the Carvins like the v3 and the x100b, as well as a Peavey Ultra. Just looking for other opinions (or maybe something better out there I just haven't heard of yet). Thanks!!
Those two amps are what I would have recomended. Also XXX and JSX - essentially the same amp as the Ultra.
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I can vouch for the XXX. Used it in the studio last year. Sounded fantastic! I was quite surprised!

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I don't like the XXX. It is excessively harsh and bright. The JSX on the other hand is a serious amp. It can hold its own for days. The Ultra is good too, albeit not as versatile.
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Definitely gonna search for a JSX* thanks for the input

*posting on my phone autocorrected JSX to MAX haha oops
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