I recently purchased a 1952 Reissue Telecaster. It plays beautifully, the only issue is, when I switch it to the middle and bridge positions, there is an awful hum present from my amp.

I have tried it on an AC30 (recent models), a Peavey Vypr, and a Cube amp all to the same effect.

The hum is diminished greatly when I touch the strings, bridge, plate, etc.

I am aware that it is natural for there to be some buzz, and for that to be lowered when I touch it, but surely not like this. It is seriously loud.

It does not occur at all for the neck pickup.

I recently shielded each of the 3 cavaties on the guitar to try and improve the grounding - hasn't helped.

Any suggestions for what to do? I love the guitar I just dont want no unnecessary buzzzzzzzzz.