Hey guys,

I'm looking to purchase a new amp and was pretty interested in the JCA2112RC.


I play a Fender Jaguar HH and was looking to get a new guitar but my friend said it would be better to get a better amp first - I'm currently using a Fender Frontman 25R.


I've heard tube amps are loads better than solid states but they're all quite expensive, and to be honest my budget is pretty much no higher than $350, which puts the Jet City amp in there just nearly. Anyone know much about this amp? I play in an alt rock band that has a grungy sound, kind of like Mudhoney/Nirvana/Melvins/Yuck, stuff like that. Would this suit that style well? Also, would it be loud enough for band practice/possibly gigging? I'm open to other amp suggestions.

Hope I gave enough information/am doing this right. Thanks!
I haven't played that Jet City, but I have a Jet City 50w head and it is awesome. I had a peavey valveking before and the Jet City is miles ahead of the peavey sound wise. They are based off Soldano circuits, which are considered to be some of the best in the bizz. I know the circuit in the 20w is different from the 50w, but I can get pretty much any sound I want out of the amp. From clean to distortion so heavy I would never play it (I play pretty much everything except drop tuned metal/shred stuff).

It will be a huge improvement over any solid state amp. HUGE...and 20w tube is loud as ****, so you could get over drums easily with it, but you probably won't be able to get a clean tone very loud bc it will break up.

Nice amp overall, and imo Jet City amps are as good as other amps costing 2-3 times the price. Maybe check out the used market too, in my local area there are the Jet City 20w heads with 112 cabs for around $300. Save a little money and add a little flexibility as well, since you would be able to add other cabs if you needed.
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I have the 20W head - it's incredible for how little I paid for it. Love the tone, love the responsiveness of the controls, the only thing I wish is that it had an effects loop, but it's something I can live without, as I've been running pedals straight into the amp since I picked up the guitar, and the JCA20 takes them extremely well.
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