Ok gonna try this one more time before lobbing it up on Ebay!

Here is a Washburn G20V, the twin humbucker equipped version of the guitar that Wayne used in Waynes world before he bought his strat!

It was made sometime in the 80s in Japan, has a lovely set neck with Carbonite fingerboard, Candy apple red finish. Ultra awesome Washburn Wonderbar tremolo. Recently fitted are some motherbucker pickups, Dimarzio coil tapped pots and a brand new jack socket. Its a brillaint player with a nearly perfectly flat fingerboard.

The Washburn wonderbar nut has been replaced with a standard floyd rose one. The trem arm is non original (The thread is too long) and could do with a genuine replacement from the Ebay seller "Lemon James" http://myworld.ebay.co.uk/lemonjames/?_trksid=p4340.l2559 (Just contact her for one and she'll work it out)

Its in a used condition, there are smudges, scratches and bucklerash. Minor paintloss at the back of the headstock near the tip and at the butt strap pin area. Nothing that effects the structure of the guitar.

No trades.

£190 collected from Swindon/Bristol, or £205 posted. Bank transfer is MUCH preferred.


Any questions let me know.

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