Poll: Which option with make Mybleedinglung the most happy?
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Clean amp w/dist pedals
6 40%
Two Channel High Gain Combo
8 53%
Something Completely Different
1 7%
Voters: 15.
Hey UG'ers,

I'm finally starting a decent job which actually pays good (goodbye remen noodles) so naturally I'm thinking about updating my amp situation.

Option 1 - Since it looks like no gigging in the near future, I was thinking about the 'clean amp with pedals option'. On the tampa CL is a peavey classic 30 for $250 and there usually blues jrs, crate palominos and windsor studios going cheap on ebay. I would spend around $300 on the amp and get a marshally sounding pedal like a Wilson Sparkling Blue, BYOC Shredder, maybe even a Wampler etc.

Option 2 - Get a tube combo which will give me the tones I want in one box (Modern Hard Rock like Early Foos, Thursday, Rise Against, FFAF and a clean channel). 1x12 with reverb. I was thinking about the zzounds monthly payments thing since I can't seem to save money for long periods of time without spending it and getting something like an Egnater Rebel 30, Bogner Alchemist or Albion TCT. Or blowing my $500 budget on one in one go.

Thoughts people? Sorry about the novel above.
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i'd prolly go 2
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Don't know about the Alchemist or the other amp, but with the Rebel 30 you'd need at least an OD pedal for the higher gain stuff.
Using one myself and I really love the boosted high gain tone.
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