Okay stick with me on this one I will most likely ramble for a while.

I've decided to consolidate my gear from what you see in my sig to possible 3 electrics instead of 4 and basically sell two guitars and take that money and buy a fantastically expensive one, I.E in the region of £1500-£2000.

There are a number of ways I could go about doing this, my first idea was sell the Godin and Fender and buy a Gibson ES-335 as I think that would do the Fenders job quite well and some of what the Godin does.

Second idea was sell the same two but buy an SG 61 reissue because I fell in love with one I played a few months ago.

Third Idea sell the Ibanez and Godin and buy a PRS custom 22 which I also played a few months ago and loved.

Basically which ever guitar I buy would end up my main gigging guitar with my band which plays hard rock. I'm particularly sentimental about 335's as they are my dream guitar but they are also the most expensive and least available where I live.

Suggestions and opinions would be very well recieved.
I'd say go for option 3 if it were me. The ES-335 won't due Fender sounds, but COULD get it's job done, I guess. If that's the one you want though, get it instead of something else and having a small bit of regret you didn't get it.
JP6s are my stock answers to any looking for guitar thread with that price range.
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It is a fender with humbuckers so it's not a million miles away and as much as the JP6 is a nice guitar I think it's too similar to my JS1000 to bother spending that much money on.
I would also go with option 3. PRS custom 22 just plays so well, I've been trying not to blow my bank account on one