I just saw this on Amazon, and it's in my price range. My question is simple: If I use the USB connection here, can I still record 8 simultaneous tracks, or will it get bounced into one stereo track in the usb?

I have Audition 3.0, which can record multiple simultaneous tracks.
Yeah, uh-huh...that's what they all say.
Yes, it will record individual tracks, I had the 6 channel version of it a while back and it had no issues doing so.

USB 2.0 has no problem handling that amount of bandwidth. The maximum speed of USB 2.0 is actually greater than FireWire 400 (which is what most FW interfaces use).

That being said, Tascam drivers seem to be a real hit and miss for many people. The preamps and conversion aren't the greatest, but certainly not the worst. I really liked my US-800, it worked great and sounded just fine for my purpose (mobile recording live shows + setting up a headphone mix for drums). I certainly didn't have any issues with mine.
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Looks like a great kit actually. Wish I could find something like that in the UK, with all those cables (they'd probably add up to about £50/$80 themselves)