Hey guys

I'm in need to know what strings would be best to use on my guitar.
It's currently in drop G# but the strings feel a little loose (too bendy) and need to know if it 14's would do the job?

What I did before was, I had regular 10's and removed the high E, moved every string up one position and put a 54 for the bottom G#. Since people usually use 7/8 strings for low tunings, I'm thinking about getting the Ernie Ball 2620's (7 string). Essentially in this case, my guitar is using 13's and using the 2620's would mean I will be using 14's with a 58 for the G#

Will it be the right tightness or too tight cause I tend to use a lot of pinch harmonics with a fair bit a of bend cause I usually play stuff along djent.
Just buy a 7 string.
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depending on your guitar's scale length i would try a 70 on the lowest string. GHS makes some good really heavy gauge's for drop tuning