Hey guys, I haven't used UG in a while (hence my ridiculous username) and I've been considering a new guitar. I've been out guitar hunting a lot lately, and I've managed to narrow down my choice to two guitars.

The first is an Epiphone Nighthawk, which appeals to me with the neck and the plethora of decent sounds to be had from it. I play quite a lot of different styles so a guitar that can pull them all off is a bonus to me. I can get one for more or less £300.

The second guitar is a used Charvel Model 1A from the 80's. I found this today in a wee local shop. It was in totally mint condition, which was really impressive considering it's edging 25 years old. It played really nicely, had a pretty sweet sound and the idea of owning an 80's guitar has always been quite a cool prospect. This was also £300.

I'm really stuck on which guitar to go for so I was wondering if anyone had any decent opinions or points to make to help me out a bit. Thanks guys

If anyone wants a bit more info on the Charvel, this site has a few specs: http://www.charvelusa.com/charvel_model_series.html