After a couple of years of writing and recording solo projects, I've decided that I will use my self-taught knowledge of music and production to help provide a great sound for other aspiring musicians, using gear such as Line 6's POD HD Pro and POD Farm plug-ins, Steinberg's Cubase 5 as well as various other equipment from Planet Waves, Peavey, Apex, Alesis and more...
For a reasonable and negotiable price, I can provide many services from mentoring, programming, recording, mixing and mastering (individually or in an all-in-one package).
Beforehand, I am also willing to set up a free orientation session.

Pricing STARTS at a flat rate of:

Programming (drums but not limited to) - $5.00/song
Recording - $40.00/song
Mixing - $15.00/song
Mastering - $10.00/song

or an all-in-one package of $50.00/song (programming included free)

Contact me via Facebook - Jeff Berridge and/or Honeybjorn and/or Bare Bjorn Studios
E-mail - honeybjorn_jeff@hotmail.com
Or locally at (905) 846 8603
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