Hello UG, I am looking for a pedal to boost my volume and maybe add a bit of gain for solos. It's between the Fulltone Full-drive 2 Mofset or the Suhr Koko Boost right now. I am leaning towards the Fulltone because it has more features. Suggestions? -Thanks a lot, Adam
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Never used either of those two but I love my ibanez tubescreamer to push me into solos. Little more gain significant more volume and a noticably mid boost to be heard clearly and making everything that much more sensitive.
In practice this is all a question of preference of features. Personally, I think a boost pedal should actually be pretty simple and therefore I'd go for the Koko Boost out of those two because I don't need the second side of the Fulldrive. But, up to you.

Whichever you buy they're both good pedals