I have a thought on songwriting . .. .

I think when something important is pending, under stress, as a musician you will get monsooned by your greatest inspirations. It can be a blessing if there is a window, however slightly ajar, in which to sew your notes. However, without this it's just wasted concentrate.

I had a deadlined task due sometime earlier this evening, it was an application that I could have worked on for a week but the devil on my shoulder was convincing and advised me to do it within a shorter timetable on its day of submission. The work was tough, I felt something like thick metal springs entangling and pulling in opposite directions in my lower back as I typed. For the reason of pain, I took a moment, moved to a colder, more desolate room and cradled the most inviting guitar there.

The song began to play itself and carried me downstream as a creature of lower density. I started to enjoy the possession of my hands and especially fingertips on the strings, It was conclusively an instant hit to me. When the trance weakened, the clock on the wall fell into perfect focus and both its hands agreed I was within twenty minutes of the deadline for submission. The pressure receded after those twenty minutes.

That song I had worked on or had worked on me, I have played since note per note, but, my interest in it stops here. Something that moved me hours before when I was on the clock, time managing pleasure over responsibility, I now see as ruggedly different. Perhaps when the pressure was off the fire went out with it.

But it's new music, so i'll upload the song in a day or too anyway.

Déjà Tears
Nice imagery, bro.
But boys will be boys and girls have those eyes
that'll cut you to ribbons, sometimes
and all you can do is just wait by the moon
and bleed if it's what she says you ought to do
tl;dr: TS procrastinated, waited for the feeling of last-minute panic, and hammered out a piece. Afterwards, he realized it was shit.

I am interested in the actual song, though. Looking forward to the upload.
I can't wait till my fro is full grown.