theres a guy selling a Gibson T-Top, it came from a '83 Flying V. But when i took a look at it there are no T's and it has twin polepiece screws but still has the proper patent number and everything else. is it legit?
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It seems legit to me the best bet it to try it out
Dude, do you even know what a T-Top is? If you don't, then don't say things like "yeah it seems legit" because then for all you know, the OP is going ot go buy that pickup and get ripped off.

It's not a T-Top, a T-Top is called a T-Top because it has a small T stamped onto the bobbins. This pickup does not have a T on the bobbins.

Second, if it measures 15k ohms, it's not a T-Top. It's more likely a Gibson Dirty Fingers, especially if it came from a Flying V and has double screw polepieces. A T-Top is going to be in the 7k range.

Edit: I'll add this, the patent number on the back of the pickup is not exclusive to the T-Top, patent #2737842 is for Gibson's humbucking pickup design. So, all Gibson's humbuckers had that number and it was used all the way back to the early '60s. And as it shows, it was used up to the '80s as well on pickups like the Dirty Fingers.
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thats kinda what i figured, especially with no T's and the fact it was 15K lol but i thought id just ask the community to confirm. i will not buy them, i was just hoping for a good deal on t tops lol

thanks al112987
Impossible to get good deals on a T-Top these days. Ever since it was found out that Jimmy Page's bridge pickup through much of Zeppelin was a T-Top the prices have been soaring on the used market for a pickup that is really not that spectacular. They also changed in design a little bit over time, so an '80s one is not the same thing as a '60s T-Top like Page's. Those will command serious cash these days, and it's really not worth it imo. You can tell the early ones because they will have a patent # sticker on the back, very similar to the PAFs and early Patent Number pickups (in fact, they look exactly like the Patent number pickups, except they have a chrome cover rather than nickel and of course the T stamps on the bobbins).
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i didnt know Pages was a t-top. His guitar is like SRV, its all mismatched lol but i has hoping he was an idiot and gave me a good deal
A T-Top will generally run about $200 or so a pickup, which is not outlandish by any stretch, but imo, is way too much for what it is.
very true lol over hyped at the moment i guess ever one wants one.
but thanks again man