Hey everyone, this is my first time creating a post here fyi so hola!

Anyways, I have been working on an album of about 7/8 songs for a while now and have recorded them the best I can, no fancy equipment...just a laptop, audio program, guitar, and many virtual fx and instruments. The music is a mix of rock/metal/industrial/symphonic sounds so please take a listen and tell me if you'd be interested at all in helping me get some vocals down for it....Whether full on lyrical vocals, or just texture vocals (like creepy oohs and ahhs or any ideas)

Quote by King Turi
Have you already got lyrics in mind?

Hmmm well not actualy content......but I was thinking lyrics that have a mood of mystery or contemplation.....think of the style of Muse or Metallica's lyrics.....something like that style of writing......but the actual content can be about whatever haha