Was gonna put this in Gear Building but yeah...

Anyway i was wondering if anyone knew any websites that makes "Metal" things from your own provided template. For example like what Dissection are using in this video, you can see what im talking about at about 6-8 seconds. I really want something done professionally and something that looks great, I just dunno how to google for this exact thing.


Cheers, grimms
well.. if you want it to be mate out of plate metal, contact a plate metal workshop that does custom products for their clients.. wood, contact a company that makes wooden stuff according to the clients desings.. and so on..

maybe cheaper but more timeconsuming, buy the materials and the tools to work them into the props you want.
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Make sure you specify your measurements. Like "feet" instead of "inches." Be very clear.
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What you really want is a new amp...
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I was coming in here to make a stonehenge reference, but yeah beaten to it.

But yeah no idea man. Most of my friends who play in bands don't really see the need for stage props, even the really metal ones. And honestly, neither do I.

Also you need to be clear, do you want the thing made out of metal or are you just using metal as a description for the style you want. Either way, be more clear.
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another option would be cardboard and paint..
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