I have a lot of trouble actually writing music, but not so much with coming up with melodies. I have a really hard time hearing rhythms in my head as a write music. I love bands like Between the Buried and Me and The Contortionist who both use a ton of weird rhythms but still manage to get it to flow and sound amazing.

Anybody have any ideas for exercises or practice to get a better feel for different rhythms?
I've heard of some guitarists picking up drum lesson books, tapping out the rhythm. I got a good sense for rhythm through drumming at an early age, but I have never tried doing the drum lesson book thing. In terms of writing down melodies I don't know much. I take it as you know the basic note values, time signatures, etc.
Quote by RiffsanBridges
I've heard of some guitarists picking up drum lesson books, tapping out the rhythm.

Yeah my old guitar teacher used to practice picking a note reading drum rudiments, think that was more about practising reading though.
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Listen to rap songs. Pick out a line, and listen to how he delivers. That is a rhythm right there, just add notes and you have an infectious melody.
the trick is to LISTEN and TRANSCRIBE.
Listen to lots and lots of music, find out what you like and transcribe, by ear, passages that interest you.

You mention some bands you like the music of. To understand what they are doing, rhythmically you need to listen to their stuff over and over until you can FEEL the rhythm of their stuff. Until you get to the point you could tap your hands along to the music accurately.

Then try transcribing it into notation.

If you know not how to write notation then learn the very basics from a book/website and work up to it.

The point I'm trying to make is that in order to perform/compose any type of music you need to first LISTEN to as much of that style of music as possible. It goes without saying that you should also listen to evry style of music you can get your hands on in order to broaden your appreciation/awareness.