So I've written this little riff that I find very groovy, but I'm not too sure about whether the meter is "correct".

The main rhythm, so to speak, is in 7/8. This rhythm remains constant throughout the riff, with chord changes on top. The thing is, because it feels better to me, I've mashed two 7/8 sections into one bar, creating bars of 7/4's instead of 7/8. The counting gets really peculiar otherwise. When I count it, I get this feel:
One-two-three-four-One-two-three One-two-three-four-One-two-three

So it sort of feels natural when it "loops" in a 7/4 meter.

This whole ordeal might be easier to understand if you check the tab (which should not be viewed as a song, just a mash-up of ideas.)

Bar 41 in the tab.

So the question is, should I make it two bars of 7/8, one bar of 14/8 or keep it in 7/4?

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The way you're subdividing, I would make it 7/4. I say that because the accents fall across what would be the two bars of 7/8 in an asymmetrical way. Whatever helps you count it and keep the groove though.

Imagine what the drums would be doing, and use that to help you decide. I imagine a regular ol' 4/4 drum groove with an eighth note missing.

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Really? I get a:
1 2
3 4
5 6 7,
1 2
3 4
5 6 7

feel. I would definitely write that in 7/8, and have the 8/4 bars in 4/4. The sound of that GP5 file just screams that out at me, I can't imagine it in 7/4.
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Definitely 7/8 - I agree with Dayn completely about the 12 34 567 groupings
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I agree with 7/8. Also, instead of 8/4 (for example on bar 44), I'd split it up into a 7/8 and a 9/8 just for the sake of readability.
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