Poll: Should i record a video of one live guitar track for this song
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Naww Waii!
2 25%
Voters: 8.
Just a midi of what i'm thinking of using as an intro to the start of an ep or a collection of songs

I used to have a PodX3 to record my guitar but unfortunately it is now damaged and have no microphone to mic up my amplifier, but i was thinking of recording a video with my Canon D500 playing along with the midi to show people what it sounds like on a real instrument rather than just a midi if they'd like to hear that. Tell me what you think

Hope you like,

Constructive criticism is always welcome,

First post by the way haha,

Hi everyone!

I think it sounds really cool man. I'd definitely like to hear a recording. The intro riff (the one that starts again at 1:15) sounds awesome. Good job
This sounds awesome, though I'm not too keen on the pauses around the beginning.
Thanks for the positivity guys! I'm gonna be recording a quick video on my camera in the next few days, i'll make sure to post a link!
I really dig it

The first twenty seconds or so really help set up for the riff that comes afterwards, which, is pretty tasty. I can imagine how cool the chugs played by the rhythm guitar would sound behind those sixteenth notes.

It's cool how you come back after that part to the rhythm you laid out in the beginning and transition into a nice chugging section

After that the beginning and the sixteenth note riff is played again which I think is okay since they're pretty strong at grabbing my attention still. It's definitely good at setting the mood for an album or ep listen