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I'm just now starting to use pedals in my band since we're getting more
technical with things, and I was curious to which pedal would be best to have a sort of
FM sound for a guitar? As if it was coming out of a radio.
I was thinking just to get a little EQ pedal and just drop the bass and bring up the treble on it but I'm not sure what would sound best.

Here is an example, it's in the intro of this song called "Hood Rat s#$@" in the link below.

FM Sound
an EQ pedal would work, however you can get that same sound from the amp by dropping the gain and bass, and then boosting the mids and treble.
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Be a cool guy. and run your signal through an fm transmitter, and then back out with a receiver. You may have a small delay of a few milliseconds, but if you have them both in close proximity, it should be negligible.
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Treble booster. Try an EHX Screaming Bird
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Treble booster. Try an EHX Screaming Bird

I'll give that a shot!
I just wanna be able to stick to one channel when we play live,
I hate having to carry my huge ass foot switch everywhere with me.
Plus I'm getting an Orange OR50 pretty soon and that only has one channel and I need that channel reserved for when I exit the FM effect, I won't have time to roll the gain and mids back into place.
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Hang on there. FM sound? When I hear that I think "overly compressed." Or do you mean like an AM radio? ie. tinny and thin like a megaphone?
If the former - a compressor
If the latter - an EQ pedal.

PS: I've done the latter in the studio on vocals. We used a 31 band EQ.
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AM radio then I suppose is what I ment,
the dudes in the studio did the sound itself, I'm not exactly how they did it,
I'm just looking for something to match the sound to play live.
I did it on my 2nd channel on my Mesa Boogie Roadster but I'm selling that to get
an Orange OR50 so I'm looking for a pedal to duplicate the sound.