I am looking to upgrade from the god awful EMG HZ's in my Schecter Damien 7. I was wondering what pickups you guys would suggest for it. It has a basswood body, bolt-on maple neck, and rosewood fingerboard. I was leaning towards Blackouts, since I love the sound of them in my six string, or Dimarzio D-Activators. I'm not sure how they will sound in my guitar though.
I'm sure they will both sound good. The D Activators are basically an Evolution pickup with a little more output.

If the guitar is routed for EMG 7 string pickups, the dimarzio might not fit without some routing. The Blackouts come in a model that has the same shape as the EMG pickups.
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Yeah, the Blackouts would be a perfect fit. I'm just concerned I may have to do some additional routing to fit the batteries into the guitar. I've read other forums that said they might fit in the electronics cavity, but I'm not trying to shell out extra money to get it routed for them to fit.