River below- Billy Talent


The song sounds like its written in the key of G minor...youll notice towards the end of the riff, a Bb Major and D7 are played which would strongly resolve to G minor (iii, V7)

However, what confuses me is that in that verse riff, it focuses on C minor throughout.

But when it gets to that weird transition part @ 0.52...instead of C minor, it turns to a weird progression of C Major, Eb Major, Bb Major, and D Major (D7 on last time though).

Why did the C minor change to a C Major (whats the theory behind this)? Is it borrowed from parallel scale (G Major)? It creates a really weird feel and I like it...just was hoping for some elaboration on this!

If you're in G minor, the 4th chord is C. I've found that you can interchangeably use the major or minor fouth chord and it'll sound good - Example, C Am F Fm sounds cool - F is the 4th in the key of C, using both F and Fm, especially after each other, might sound weird but it works with fourth chords. And you're correct, it's basically to do with borrowing from the parallel key as far as I know.

It kinda works with 5th chords as well, except not in as many circumstances. An example of it working really really well is Cm Bb Ab G (where normally the 5th in Cm would be Gm, G creates a nicer resolution)
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