The Warband mod "Mount&Musket" has a dedicated player base of thousands of players. Most simply don't know it but behind the scenes HUGE line battles take place. I used to play the mod on and off and never really understood why people bothered to join a regiment when there's only 2-3 public servers and it's just conquest style game-play.

Then I got invited into a regiment and thrown into a 200+ player battle on the Waterloo map. Holy jesus, it changed my whole perception of the game. I never thought so many players could be organized to fight coherent 18th century-style line battles. But it's being done!

Here are some videos showcasing the battles;





This new DLC plans to update the graphics, music, add a new faction (Austria), new units, destructible buildings and bridges, sapper class that lets you build and about 22+ new maps, and a lot more. This is created by the developers of the original mod who are now working in part with TaleWorlds which is great.

For £8 this is truly worth it and I hope more people find out how fun the line battles are, it's nothing like other games provide, totally unique and fun experience.

Regiments differ between each other, some are more focused on discipline while other prefer a more relaxed mess-around style. It depends on what you're looking for. This is a totally community-based game, the events are hosted by players not the developers which is what makes it special. The player base is there if you wanted to buy a server and host an event.

Is the game hard to get into, IE, will being 'late to the party' downplay the experience? I've had it happen more than once, I'm sure its not like that for all games.
Christ, this is transcending forums now? It was a sub-par mod to being with, and I don't have a lot of faith in Vincenzo or his team. I won't be buying it.

If you want Napoleonic Warband, just wait for L'Aigle to be released. Singleplayer > multiplayer anyway.
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