My amp died a couple of days ago and I'm thinking of buying this 100-watt Fender Mustang III. It has a good price plus a 2-button footswitch. I'm not a very fancy player, I play rythm guitar, play some small gigs, heavy metal, thrash metal, heavy metal, some classic rock and sometimes even Death. would you recommend this amp? or any other one?
Not very good at all for modern metal. Classic, (60's-mid 80's) would be fine.
I don't know specifically for metal (I play alternative/indie rock) but here's my two cents on the amp

My bandmate has this and if you spend time finding a good tone you'll be surprised with what you can get out of it. I know cause I had to make some presets for him

Since it's a modeling amp you'll be able to get some very crunchy stuff and very clean stuff. Tons of onboard effects and everything can be fine tuned. Give it a try at a local store and see what you think.

My only complaints are that the default settings aren't that good (fine tune it for your guitar and it might be better) and the first preset that it's set to when the amp is turned on sounds absolutely horrible. But you can edit it and set the default to a nice clean or something

hope that helps!
At that price point I'd find a Vypyr tube 60 used.
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You'd be better off with a Roland Cube or a Peavey Vypyr.

What is your budget? Where are you located?
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Mine has the fizz

Don't get it for metal......the only thing it has over the competitors (if you're playing metal) is the addendum which makes it really easy to dial in a sound.

Don't get it
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Clean tones are brilliant, distorted tones are fizz central.
A Roland Cube or Peavey Vypyr suits metal much better.
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If you like computers,and tweaking sounds, Mustang III is great. I Have a CUBE 80XL and Mustang III, The Mustang is LOUD, great effects, FUN but takes up too much of my time... I use my CUBE more now because of the simplicity
I think the only thing that might cover is the little bit of classic rock you play. Definitely go for the Peavey Vypyr 60 or Roland Cube. They'll at least be able to give you some kinda heavy sound.
I would like to back up what others have said:

The Peavey Vypyr Tube 60 will suit what you want more than the Mustang. The Vypyr excells at Metal tones, whereas the Mustang's strong suit is classic rock. You can snag a Vypyr Tube 60 for around $250 used most of the time, and you can usually find them with the Sanpera II for around $400, if you need the footswitching versatility. You can probably get the Sanpera I for cheaper, though.