So I'm selling my guitar and I have these two options for a replacement (I'm a metal player).

One is the Washburn Chicago Series CS780. It's been discontinued since 2002, so it's used, obviously. It has two of the original wahburn pickups and the bridge pickup has been replaced by a X2N Dimarzio Hambucker. 24 frets, White Pearl finish, shark fin inlays, lisenced floyd rose (I think), and so on... here's the link for that one. (It's in spanish. hope that's not a problem)


And the other one is the Shecter Damien Riot FR. This one has the EMG H4 and H4A hambucker pickups. Floyd Rose tremolo (don't know if it's original). Cool batlike inlays, satin black finish. This one's new so here's Shecter's page for it.


The price difference between the two is not important.

I want to know how these compare in playability, quality, sound, and anything else you can think of.

Looking forward for any input. Thank you very much.
Im assuming you'll be using it for metal?

For the metal sound, you'd probably be better off with the schecter because of the shitty washburn duncan-designed pickups, but if you can swap the pickups with something better id go with the washburn because i think it's a better guitar with regards to personal preferences. Shecters just have always felt weird to me playing, i dont find them very ergonomic.
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Schecter is probably your best bet, I would say. EMG pickups are great for metal players because they are mainly used for distortion, but you have to keep a good battery in them. The battery on no way drains fast, and it is only a 9 volt.
The Washburn isn't bad, it's just the Schecter would probably be better, but it should come down to preference
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i have owned a lot of Washburns. i bought one about a month after i started playing (squier affinity strat prior) and bought a washburn. it was a great guitar. it was a WG248, i bought the 7 string cousin WG587, then i bought an Idol and X50. i don't think i own any of them now, but for a while they were great guitars. never had a problem with any of them.

schecter i don't have a ton of experience with so i can't really help you all that much there.
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Passive emgs, no battery. Also the washburn has an x2n in the bridge and is made of maple, its going to be quite bright. The schecter is prolly the better bet after a pickup upgrade sound wise, but likely not in quality of manufacture.
I own a Damien FR ( not a riot, not sure what that is ) with the cool bat inlays and the passive EMG HZ pickups and it is my best guitar with passive pups. Distortion is nice and tight, roll the volume back and get nice cleans, when properly set up the " licensed " floyd rose bridge stays in tune VERY well. The guitar is a beast among guitars in the same price range with a floyd. Go to floydupgrades.com to learn how to properly set up a floyd and get a brass sustain block. I have only played one washburn for a short period of time, it rocked but no floyd and not sure what kind of pups were in it. I would definitely look into the DIAMOND SERIES schecters, set necks, active pups, bound fingerboard, and better tonewoods - NICE!!
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why only these two guitars?

to be quite honest, there is better out there

and what guitar do you own at the moment?
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I have a Damien fr (original not the one your looking at) and it's specs are almost the same.
It's the only guitar I have and that is the only reason I play it.
The pickups will sound stale after a few years (I've had mine for 5 now) and the bat inlays are so not cool. They were when I was 15 but now they are pretty lame.

The will always feel weird too becasue of the coating the put on it.

The body gets dings like nobodys business too. I knock it against a chain and it dings a bit. I think it's because of the basswood+satin finish makes it more noticable.
People are really going for the Schecter? Don't get me wrong, I love my Schecter, but the EMG HZs are probably going to sound a lot worse than the DiMarzios in the Washburn, plus the Washburn's probably built better. $1100's more than a little steep though for something with a licensed FR used. Can you get anything else? Go for a Damien Elite FR if you can, that'd still probably cost less than the Washburn(it would where I live by $300 for a new one) and it'd have active EMGs in both positions. You could definitely do better, man.
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I love Schecters. I own two Schecters currently. I used to own 3 but one had to go since I needed money. In this case though, I personally would go with the Washburn if I had the money. The Damien does seem very metal but I prefer classy looking guitars. I used to have a passive EMG in one of my other guitars and it was a pretty okay pickup. Good for cleans but no where near as amazing as my SD Blackouts. So yeah, I would go with the Washburn OR you could do the potentially smarter way and buy the Damien at a significantly less cost and then upgrade the pickups to active ones and then have it professionally setup with the money you save on the difference.
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I've got a Washburn guitar that I'm really impressed with. It's a solid guitar. I've played live shows, done recording, given lessons, all that with the guitar and it's never once let me down. Plus, it feels quality. I've never had the same with a Schecter. I'm sure there are some nice ones out there, but for my experience I'd say the Washburn is built better. The Damien guitars aren't so great from experience. I bought one because it looked good on paper and at first, felt alright. But the trem is really not so great and though I do like active EMGs, the HZs just aren't that great at all. I realized it quick and traded it for a Strat.
Pfft. Get an Eclipse.
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Pfft. Get an Eclipse.

would be a great choice actually
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An Eclipse or Horizon would go for over $1700. I don't think it's in his budget.

Both of these guitars are at the low-budget range of both companies. at around 200-300 buck range it would be wiser to go for something else with better value for the money.

But if you HAVE to chose, Schecter.

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Thank you all for all the input. Someone asked which guitar I have at the moment, I have a Washburn X10, very basic, and a Jackson Kelly KE3 which is the one i'm selling. I fell in love with the shape of it, but when I played it I was kind of disappointed. The neck is just not for me, and it has a strange weight balance when standing. On the other hand the Washburn has never let me down, I love playing on it.

I'll be listening to more of your comments before i make a decision, and until I sell mine :P, but thanks again. \m/
You could get a used horizon fr for 850 I bet.
I see a couple string thru going for 750-900$.

Whats your real budget?
Originally Posted by StonedColdCrazy
Whats your real budget?

well, my budget is about 600$... but i'm not from the US, that's why those are my options, thinking of buying something abroad makes the shipping way too expensive.
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If I were you, I'd find a musical instrument store if possible and actually go play some guitars. Just because one person thinks a guitar is great doesn't mean you'd think so. And, every guitar is going to feel different, even in the same model. You can have it adjusted, but some things can't be helped by it, go find a guitar that you dig personally. Thats just my opinion, but I would never buy a guitar online.

Edit: On the other hand, Schecters are great, never played one I didn't like. I've only ever owned Washburn basses though, so I wouldn't know about that one.
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Since your dropping a grand+ for a guitar kerry king signature. I'm sure if you look you can find one, esp eclipses are awesome. Also you can buy dbz guitars or gary kramer guitars. The washburn seems overpriced and aby of the guitars I mentioned will blow the schecter guitar clearly out of the water.
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