it was during a lesson that my student (older gentlemen) left his guitar on the stand, i asked if i could look at it, and it felt nothing like my MIM strat at all. he has big fingers (as do i but i have very long fingers) and is having the problem with some chords. then i go to play a chord on his and it feels like everything is squashed up by the nut. i was thinking to myself damn that makes it a lot more difficult. he is around his fifth or sixth week, and doing quite well.

i then handed him my Ibanez 3550MZ Prestige and he had no problem with the chords. i know its a very different guitar, but could that just be the nut width and radius being the different?

any similar experiences? mainly interested with affiniy to MIM.
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The affinities have a 1 5/8" nut (about 41mm), so they're very narrow. The MIM's (at least modern ones, I dunno about old ones) have 42mm nuts which are a bit wider.
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