Can someone walk me through the process of connecting my POD 2 to my mac's garageband so I can record some guitar tracks? thanks.
Does the guitar sound good through the POD on Garage band?
I'm thinking about getting one to write some music on since Garagebands built in amps
sound like doo doo.
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Once you've downloaded and installed the drivers for the POD onto your Mac, Garageband should recognise it as an audio interface when it's plugged in.

You can find the drivers here: http://line6.com/software/

that only works for PODs with USB capability. the POD 2.0 doesnt have usb, only audio outputs. if you want the cheapest way to get your tracks recorded, use a 1/4 adapter and the appropriate 1/8 inch cable to go from the headphone output into the line input on the computer, and set the levels on the pod and garageband so it doesnt clip.

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