Hey everyone! So, after 2 years, I've finally found a way of singing where I sounds good and hit all of my pitches while still being able to growl a bit.

Now, my issue is a combo of hitting low notes and singing in a quieter/mellower tone.

I can't seem to hit low notes at all. I've tried everything I can and the only thing I've been able to come up with is dropping to a whisper-like style. Otherwise, my pitches are totally off (They sound fine until I hear them recorded).

I put a link to my profile below with a recording of myself singing random bits of "Prayer of the Refugee" by Rise Against without any music (Just so you're no caught off guard). I skipped around just to hit the various vocal tones throughout the song. The first half of the first verse is what I'm talking about with the mellow tonality (my pitches are kind of off...).

I'd appreciate any tips. Any other critiques to can offer me would be much appreciated (If you get the ambition to listen to the entire thing).


LINK:"Prayer of the Refugee" Partial Cover

LISTED AS "Prayer of the Refugee (Vocal Only Partial Cover)"
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I hear a lot of chest breathing. That's definitely holding you back from intonation and middle/low register confidence.
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Okay so your having trouble with lows, and I assume you mean without using false chord. Okay well first of all you can try to determine where your breaking point is when you are trying to hit those lows. Once you find that out you can start slowly training your voice to hit the note where its breaking and continue to the notes after that. This can take a while until you get where you want to, but its worth it in the end.

(If you are after false chord then read the screaming/growling thread.)