Damn I've been posting here a lot lately lol. So now we are having a problem with our bass player. This really all boiled over just a few hours ago. We have a gig tomorrow night and our bass player has just told us he has to work. He has known about this gig for weeks, this isn't a surprise, I have reminded him several times. I also always check with everyone in the band before committing to any gig. So we are now scrambling trying to find a sub bass player and teach him our set tomorrow afternoon for the gig that night. This has happened before though, just earlier this week. I had scheduled a day to record for next Wednesday. We were all meeting with the guy who is recording us for lunch a few days ago. Everyone in the band has known we are recording next wed for a few weeks. So the rest of the band finds out while we are meeting with this guy that our bass player is going out of town next wed. He has also been consistently late for practices, and is overall pretty bad at communicating. Every time we have a gig I have to remind him several times during the week of when the gig is. So far his lack of knowing when anything is has not been a big problem, but this is a very big problem. I don't even care that he cannot come, but that he tells us the night before the gig.

He skipped practice tonight also, I spoke with him just last night and set up a time for practice which he confirmed. After telling him that the rest of the band is very angry over him not coming to the gig he makes up some lame excuses like he needs money. Then he randomly tells me that he is planning on moving to Mexico in July and working at an airport? So is this enough to warrant looking for a new bass player? He is a good bass player and a good friend, but it seems like the last thing on his mind is the band.
drop that stupid flakey motha****er, play some shows without bass if it comes to that. but skipping on the band is unacceptable. he will only **** you over harder if you continue to deal with his bullshit
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it's obvious that you need a new bass player. playing shows without a bass player is not a long term solution.

drop him before he walks out on you altogether.
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If he's moving to mexico, that definitley won't help him ge tto practice on time
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If he is moving to Mexico then practices with him are a waste of your time you may as well spend that time playing with someone else who isn't going to leave the country. Also it sounds like he has a very bad attitude towards your band.

I think everyone here will agree that you need to start looking for a new bass player.
He probably thinks he is the shit, talk to him, have a sit down with him and the whole band and tell him things how they are, get a written arrangement with his signature if he wants his second chance, he steps over the line again, get another bass player.
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Sounds like he really doesn't want to be in a band. You can help him solve that problem.
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Sounds like he really doesn't want to be in a band. You can help him solve that problem.

It honestly sounds like he's just looking for an excuse, himself, to leave without trying to hurt ya'lls feelings.

If you happen to have two guitarist in your band just go a head and go on without a bass. It's not ideal but you can get by if there's no other options.
In the end it doesn't matter why he doesn't turn up. Disinterested, disorganised or disrespectful you can't take any more gigs without being able to guarantee the band turning up. Be kind and polite but move on.
As long as your not playing anything like Primus or RHCP you will probably sound fine without him.