i use jazz iiis, but i still keep good bit of pick sticking out. i cant help but feel that when really refining technique, that tiny adjustments will make worlds of difference. so im thinking if i get my fingers physically closer to the strings it would significantly improve control when maximizing speed. i definitely do not buy into the "whats most comfortable for you is best" line, i believe that there are ways of doing things that objectively have more potential.

so i ask people whove already been there there and done it, how important is learning to choke up as much as possible on the journey to shreddom?
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Sometimes my hand will be very open and loose. Othertimes, it's curled up in a tight ball (but still relaxed). Sometimes my fingers are very close to the strings. Othertimes, they're not. I use Jazz IIIs as well, and I don't find there's much of a difference. I tend to keep my fingers closer to the strings simply because I do a lot of pinch work, but I change my pick grip on the fly all the time. No real difference in my experience...

...Unless you do something really different and hold the arse-end of the pick. If you do that, you're going to have a harder time controlling the pick at speed. But really, leaving the very tip open, or just gripping it around the middle... there's no difference in speed or control for me. Whichever is more comfortable.
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