As the title reads. I just bought another amp more suited for my style and I wonder how much I can get for it. I paid 615€ and I am asking 500€ plus giving a free EHX Little Big Muff with it. Is that too little/much?

(PS: If any interested, I'd gladly sell it)
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Yeah, too much. It doesn't matter how long you've had it, or how much you've played it - as soon as a piece of gear leaves the store or the warehouse, it's used. That's just the way it is.

I'd try selling it for around 65% of what it costs new. That's generally the ballpark of all used prices, outliers notwithstanding.
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Definately too much. €400 is a bit more realistic and you'll be much more likely to sell it for that price.
agreed with being a bit optimistic

depending on how quickly you want to sell it you can sell it for a bit more or less (also on condition)- so if you want a quick sale, 50-60% of new price, willing to wait a bit longer, maybe 70-75%.

also it'll depend on new prices. if a local store has a deal on them it won't matter what you paid. that percentage figure i gave is more related to the going new price now, not what you paid.

EDIT: the other thing is (much like with upgrades to, say, a guitar), if anyone buying has any wit, they'll pretend they don't want the little big muff. you might be better selling it separately.
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