hi guys,

over the past few days i've been trying to learn This Calling by All That Remains, it's coming on quite well and i might record a cover if i can get it down...

Anyway, i'm having truble with this bit, in the main riff.

........................ ...... .... ...

Its the triplets on the D string, so far i've been trying to start each set of three with a downstroke, but i was wondering if i could do alternatley, like

dud udu dud udu

These are not triplets, it's just a picking pattern. I have no idea if you can do it alternately, if its possible and better for you do it, but a normal way to play it is to start with a downstroke.
Theyre just 3 16th notes followed by a 16th rest. I suppose it's more economical to alternate the starting strokes, but starting them all with downstrokes is fine because you have that rest to get back into position.
Yeah. Those aren't triplets. It's called galloping, and you definitely want to start them all on a downstroke.
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