hey everyone I'm a guitarist so don't expect too much, but I wrote this song over all that has been troubling me lately and such. I was told by a few people to record it and just went with it any feedback is great even negative i want to know how to improve this piece as well. as always C4C and happy listening!

Yeah, I can tell you're not a piano player - your hand technique is incorrect. No worries.

Nice demo of your song. It'd be nice to hear it set with other instruments in a decent recording and some vocals.
Thanks for commenting on my song For someone who is not a pianist really well done, going from guitar to piano is hard (trust me i know :P) The playing is very nice, although recording quality could be slightly better. It would be great if you recorded the guitar version with 3 guitars I think it would sound lovely if you played on acoustics But yes very nicely played well done !