Dear God no. No it is not. But if you're in a band that's at least decent then it is most definitely worth it
It's only hard to be in a band if
1) they can't play
2) you don't like the music you're playing
3) if you hate each other

In truth it's really easy if everyone knows what to play. The hardest thing is trying to organize a practice because everyone has their own things to do. But, overall practicing is easy if you already know the songs before coming into practice and playing gigs is really easy and fun as long as you've practiced as least once.
Yeah I'm that guy who says I'm right
but more than likely is wrong

It happens doesn't it?
Yeah. I'd say being in a band is very hard work. It's not something that should be taken lightly, unless you're just jamming with friends. Honestly, if you're planning on gigging (or making music a career), then you need to be with a group of people that are completely committed to it.

You have to practice, you have to dump a lot of your own money into the band, and you have to spend a lot of time managing yourself, and your band, as musicians.

Thing is...it's very hard work in a field that you make very little money in.
It can but also it can't. It all depends if everyone is into the same music and thier not one one person that is to demanding. Also it helps if everyone knows one another, and has good chemistry together. Make sure everyone is as motivated as you are or it tends to make problems later on. But like i said it shouldnt be hard to be in a badn unless one person ,at least, makes problems