I am looking for a mic to do vocals and some acoustic guitar, it will be replacing my Sterling audio st50, I have a lower voice so i want something that will go well with that as well.
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If you can open your budget a tad, a used Shure KSM44 can be had for around $450, or a Rode K2 as well. I just got the KSM44 this week and have had a chance to put it up against an AT4060 and Neumann TLM103, and I'm quite impressed. I've been using the 103 for the past few months and it can get pretty harsh. The KSM is more rounded out, and has the lowest noise shelf in a mic I've ever seen. Do I like it as much as the AT4060? Probably not - But considering I paid like half what you'd expect to pay for one, its certainly a contender. Versus the Neumann, there's no contest; Shure all the way.
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Blue Bluebird. It's great. I have one and couldn't recommend it more.
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I really like my CAD Equitek e100s. Sounds great on a good acoustic and on vocals. It has kind of a vintage sound to it as well. Great mic for the price.
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