Hey guys! I'm one of those guitarists but I recently bought myself a bass to add fullness and bottom end to my life. I only got around to taking some photos today so to be honest its not new-bass-day but new-bass-six-weeks-ago.

Ibanez SR500. Four strings, a whole lot of dark woods (mahogany body, jatoba/bubinga neck, rosewood fretboard), Bartolini pickups and active EQ and very light and easy to play with low action and a fast neck, made in Indonesia. I played around with other stuff in the store for quiet a while and settled on this. It's a whole lot of bass for the price you pay (and that was 600€ with the case..Europe sucks ). Only adjusted the intonation a bit when I came home and it's playing fine .

I probably spent the last two hours in the store chosing between this mahogany one and the SR500M (mahogany body + maple neck and maple fretboard) which played just as well and was even lighter! I chose the mahogany neck for the fuller tone in the end (and this bass is still lighter than my guitar).

SR500 vs SR300 was no contest either. Shoddy electronics on the 300 (this thing is dead silent if you're not playing, also I love the little notch the EQ and blend contorls have in the center, makes it feel really solid) and the neck wasn't as good.
There were no Squiers in this price range and the entry level Fenders are a bit basic. Don't dig the stacked potentiometers for EQ controls on Fender style basses with active electronics either, I like the simple one knob -> one control approach so I know exactly what I'm doing. I also played a G&L Tribute and it was ok but over my pricerange.

And without further adieu, some photos:

That recessed output jack is pretty

I just realised when I took this photo that you don't have to unscrew the cover the adjust the truss rod, a nice touch. The downard angle on the tuners makes it look kind of retarded...but I guess it is easier to access them.


So yeah, if anyone needs a bass for just under $600, buy one of these, I'm very happy with it ...now to get myself some amplification so I don't have to plug this into my comptuer all the time
it does look good... but i have to disagree... the recessed output jack is not pretty still, it works pretty good when you want to put your cable around the strap, so it's clever...
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Came VERY close to picking one of these up that's less than 2 years old for $300. the one thing I don't like about the Ibby is the lack of a durable finish. Think I'm picking up an '05 Fender Dimension IV instead. I like different Fenders. Checking the Dimension out this weekend.
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Yeah, the jack looks kind of silly when its empty but it looks very functional when theres a cable plugged in.
I don't plan of abusing this thing in any other way then playing it so I dont mind...and the wood feels nice

Also, it came with the coated Elixers, and if they're the same on bass as on guitar then I suspect they're lacking a bit in character compared to the competition. Anyone able to give their opinion on this? I'll probably leave them on for a couple of months cause bass strings are expensive (and I'm paying $9 for daddarios for my guitar ).