Yup, opening another thread on this one... Emg 85 or 60 in the neck?
I'll be using the emg 81 in the bridge for most soloing and some rhythm playing.
Neck will be for mostly clean parts, but some rhythm and some soloing. Still don't really know which one I should pick. Remember, most of my rhythm is on the bridge pup too.

And please don't say SD Blackouts, I've already got 2 guitars with those.
I don't have any experience with the 60, but my Schecter had an 85 in the neck and...unless you either have an all-maple guitar, happen to have your bass knob stuck at 0 and your treble and presence knobs both stuck on 10 or just plain-out like only hearing the lowest note of a chord with high amounts of gain, the 60 is probably the better choice. I had to move my 85 to the bridge because I couldn't use my neck pickup, and honestly I think the 81's not so bad a bridge pickup. Maybe I hate the 85 so much because my Schecter has a mahogany body, but...I played this guitar through 5 or 6 different amps with the 85 in the neck and it just doesn't seem to work with more than one note at a time for me. xD
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Split the difference: 60A. It's the 60 with an alnico magnet instead of ceramic. Smoother than the 60, clearer than the 85. I don't know why people only ever think of the 81, 85 and 60. The 60A is straight-up the best all-round pickup I've ever used, and I've used a lot of pickups.
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I love the EMG 81/60 combo. Great rhythms in the bridge position, great cleans in the middle position, great cleans and "solo" tone in the neck position.
Really versatile pickup combination in my opinion.
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I've got a guitar with dual 85s in it. If you're going to be playing a lot of dense chords in the neck position, the bass heavy 85 probably isn't your best choice. I'm not a fan of the 60 either. Personally, if i couldn't have an 81 or 85 in the neck, I'd go for a 58. It's more sonically like a P90.

The 85 works in the neck for some people. For me it works because I usually just use the neck for leads and if I use chords, I break them up so I'm only playing 2 or so notes at a time. That way it doesn't get too crazy. The 81 is actually pretty good too in the neck. I tend to use my EMGs in pairs, dual 85s and dual 81s. The 85 is more "classic" sounding due to having the Alnico V in it as opposed to the ceramic/steel magnet in the 81. So it's smoother sounding. That's why I like it too, it's got a real nice smooth tone in the neck.

I will say though that it does improve a lot with the 18V mod. I noticed it more with the 85s. The others didn't seem to benefit as much.
I'm gonna agree with Flibble here. 60A.

Unless you're going used. Trying to find a used 60A is like trying to find the Ark of the Covenant.

Runner up is 60.

Wasn't this same exact thread done yesterday?
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having guitars with both, I definitely prefer the 60 (especially if the guitar has the 18v mod). I found it to be a little less aggressive sounding, a bit warmer and more bell-like. I also really like it for melodic solo parts.