I'm looking for a keyboard player and a vocalist (or a few vocalists - depending on who's interested) for what will most likely end up an online / studio prog-rock/metal project.
Right now I'm writing some stuff in my spare time for a 3rd project (this one), since my other 2 are the normal band type. The music I've started writing is proggier than some of my other stuff and I've also got a few acoustic instrumental pieces I'm working on.
I don't intend to play any gigs with this project in the foreseeable future, and I don't care where anyone's from.
For for vocalists (since people always seem to ask) - I don't care about gender, I care about how good of a vocalist you are.
I can get bass parts recorded fairly easily, which leaves drums. If a drummer is interested, great, if not hopefully there's a good (relatively cheap) method to get drum parts recorded.

In terms of influences I'd say for this project it's a mix of: Kamelot (symphonic metal in general), Zions Abyss, Kingsbane, Empyria, Shadow Gallery (to some extent), Fates Warning, Crimson Glory, King Crimson & some thrash metal.

If you're interested message me or leave a comment (or both)
If no one is interested, then it will be carried out as an instrumental project.
If it comes to that, then I won't be looking for anyone for a while for this project.
I can help with vocals.
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I'm the only white guy in a band in El Paso. My bandmates call me El Diablo Blanco. They tell me it means "trusted friend."