Want some new pickups for me Squier affinity P bass. I just want to improve the overall sound, preferably I want a punchier sound but more modern than vintage. I play mainly alternative rock. My Budget is about £80 at most.
you could look into the pickups that the VM p bass has
Duncan Designed™ PB101 Split Single-Coil Pickup

straight from the fender site.
i would imagine they would work pretty damn well but i can't find any prices for them apart from when they are on the VM p bass.
that being said, i'm really not a pickup buff
Yeah I haven't tried any of their bass pickups, but Seymour Duncan is what I'd go for.
there's quite a population here that uses quarter pounders but they warn that there's also people that dislike them.

as far as those duncan designed, i disliked th VM p basses, so i don't know if they're your best choice... however, i'm not much of a p bass guy, so what would i know...
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Duncan designed are just cheap ones with SD's name on them.

Check out Wizard Pickups. http://www.wizardpickups.co.uk/

UK company, Andy will make a P pickup exactly how you want it to sound. He's a really nice chap as well!
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Thanks for the replies. I was looking at the SD's, EMG PHZ and Fender's 62 reissue pickups but I can't decide. I may just go with wizard because they are fair priced, local and willing to make a pickup to any specification.
What amp are you using? I just got my 3rd affinity P bass and the pickups work for me so far.

Aka I wouldn't spend money on pickups until after I really spent money on a good amp.