How are Peavey 6505 cabs? I just bought the Peavey 6505+ head and id like to buy the matching cab but id like to hear some peoples opinions on it first. I cant get my hands on one to play. I can get it for 726$ shipped whereas other brands like Bogner, Mesa, Orange etc are 1000$ plus.
Not worth the price tag at all.

Buy a used Mesa, Orange or Marshall 1960 with V30s. You'll come out around $400-600 and have a nice cab you'll never need to upgrade again.
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What MC said. And if you don't like going used, a new cab custom made cab from WhiteBox will do you justice.
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Like MC said, it isn't worth that at all. I don't find the tone that Peavey 6505 cab delivers with the matching head nearly as good as a cab with V30s, like for example, Orange PPC412 or Framus FR412.
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I don't particularly like 6505 cabs, they don't sound all that great. Might have to do with the speakers, might have to do with the dimensions - maybe both.
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