I have a 70's jumbo acoustic. The bridge is cracking horizontally, right near the bridge pins. I wanna know if I could mount an archtop tailpiece to the acoustic (totally hollow as far as I know.) Just making sure. Yes, I know it'd look weird, but I really like the guitar and I want to be able to play it again. Plus, it builds character.

EDIT: Oh yeah, and the plan is to use the acoustic saddle as the saddle. I think it'd work, if not I could sand it down blah blah blah.. I want to know if the archtop bridge could actually be mounted to the guitar.

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This is a shot in the dark, but I am pretty sure it could not be done. There is nothing to really mount the archtop bridge that would be secure enough to handle the tension. Like I said, total shot in the dark, but I feel as though it would not work.
No It will not work.If you did get it to mount it would pull right off the face of the acoustic is not thick enough to hold the tail piece.
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Assuming the guitar is a flatop with a typical bridge (wood with peg holes for strings and slotted for the saddle) sometimes these develop cracks at the peg holes. If thats what happened-and the guitar is worth it, a bridge replacement may not be too expensive. They're usually just glued to the top but the new one must be perfectly fitted and installed by a knowledgeable person.

By "archtop tailpiece" I guess you mean a trapeze type for the strings. The mounting plate for these is screwed into the end of the guitar - not to the top - and there is probably a sturdy end block already there so the guitar would probably withstand string tension.

It sounds like you want to do this but retain the original bridge and saddle. Not a good idea. It won't produce enough down pressure on the top for the guitar to sound good. Flat tops rely on the strings being terminated on the top to drive the top and create sufficient resonance. And if you tried to set it up with archtop type bridge/saddle, the strings would be way too high. Archtops and flat tops have very different geometry.
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