I'm converting all my old cassettes to mp3 files on my hard drive and I'm wondering what sites I could upload my files to, so that I could share them with others on this and many other forums?

Any ideas? Thanks, StratMan
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I should add, that any files you put on SoundCloud should be left as listen only and not downloadable... Just in case you know. You want to make money off this hobby one time?
Yeh go for soundcloud, it's easy to use and you can embed your tracks, link with facebook, and its a pretty good place to check out other people's music too.
SSoundcloud is a good suggestion, you could also just upload them to your UG profile page. I used to have my recordings stored elsewhere, since I put them on my page here they have had loads more hits than they did on other sites (although to be fair, I didn't really promote the other sites as much as I've promoted my page here).
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