Denied - again! This is the third time, for crying out loud!

I just made a tab/chord on the song "Waiting For My Chance To Come" by Noah and the Whale and every time I submit it, it gets rejected. Why? My tab is comprehensible and very much more correct than any of the other tabs. Many of the other tabs are wrong or sloppy and even uncomprehendable. I never even get a reason on WHY it was rejected! How am I then supposed to grow as a tabber?

Whats wrong with my tab?!

Thanks in advance
- Emil

(Attached is the tab/chord I made)
Waiting For My Chance To Come - chord by Emil.txt
how many tabs are there of this song currently on UG? i have had tabs turned down because there are too many already on UG. its a shame when people dont appreciate a near perfect tab when they see one....
You tabbed a song that's already been submitted several times & your version doesn't seem to add anything significant. The tab itself is good but the people that vote don't want the site to get filled with copies.

If you really think yours is better than the other versions then submit it with a message about what is different in your tab & specifically point out places where you've corrected mistakes in past versions. then keep your fingers crossed!
Unfortunately when there are a lot of tabs of one song any others are denied regardless of how good they are... The one way around it is if you submit it under another artist who did a cover of that song and therefore has no version of it so yours would be the only one....

If you did get a response from one of the moderators they would tell you to go to one that is already up and then put yours in under CORRECTIONS to theirs... But then that would mean that in order for someone to see that they would have to hit the comments button at the topof someone else's version....

One last thing I do is if this site rejects it I just go to another guitar site and submit it there.....

I agree with you that some versions of a song ought to be deleted when they are bad and not correct... But that will not happen...

I guess all in all it is what it is and this site does what it can even though it frustrates us at times...

Lastly you can try this:

1. Go to FORUMS
2. Go all the way to the bottom of the topics to
3. Once in that forum go to the topic
4. There is a MODERATOR there named EMAD
state what you just did here and he will help you
And will get your tab submitted and accepted.

so basically just cut and paste what you put in this forum
Where I stated and you should be fine...make sure you also
Go to the last post when you ask....
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The thing about my tab is that the intro is close to 100% correct, and the chords have been adjusted so that it sounds pretty good, compared to the original (using chord that the guitarist in NATW use).