For some reason my guitar just simply won't intonate! It's one that I built about a year ago and it was going perfectly until recently, when I switched out the trapeze tailpiece I had on it for string-thru ferrules.. I've spent hours at this stage adjusting the string saddles (GFS Tuneomatic bridge) and the truss rod and it still plays chords out of tune. Tuner says that open, 12th fret and 12 fret harmonic are all the same, and they sound it too... So I've hit a wall and hopefully someone can suggest something! Thanks
Im going to blindly shoot at this, and guess that maybe the frets places are slightly off? It would be pretty hard to get a homemade guitar to intonate correctly, especially if you cut the frets in yourself
Neck was bought from GFS and it used to intonate perfectly! :/ So I know it's not a construction issue unless I messed up drilling holes for the ferrules... IT was without strings for a week or so, not more than 2 and a half weeks though. kept in the same place as always, Could anything have happened during that time?
What would I be looking for in the nut?

I lowered the slots in the nut a while ago, but it didn't affect anything but string height at the time. the slots are a fair bit bigger now though, could they have been worn away or something? When I did it, it was to lower the strings and it worked, but that was a good 6 months ago and this problem happened only about a month ago when I put in the ferrules... Increased string tension over the bridge couldn't have caused it, could it?
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i had a problem like this with a schecter omen6 afew years ago it had a tuneomatic bridge after spending hours tryin to figure it out i ended up taken the bridge off of it and turning it aroundso it would be backwards i guess..besides you have to fight to get to the screws alitle bit cuz the strings are in the way..but it seemed to work
Thanks man, I did the same in desperation and it worked! Turns out I always had it the wrong way 'round, bit of a dent to my ego to be honest!