Hey guys and gals,
I am in search for some much appreciated advice. I have an old Diamond SG knock off that my dad gave me. He got it in Japan many moons ago. Problem is I dont really know squat about wiring and I cant figure out where im going wrong on trying to wire this back up. Not sure where the yellow wire connects and if the wiring is correct on the pick up selector box. I cant find a wiring diagram for this particular model. Perhaps one of you gear gurus is familiar with this layout or just knows more about basic wiring. Any help or advice would be much appreciated.
You don't need wiring for that particular model, just get any two humbucker + two volume/tone + threeway switch (i.e. any les paul or sg wiring diagram).

Your picture is kind of small but it looks like thats the shielded cable that goes to the output jack
Yeah. It seem like its all wired up the same but when I hook the yellow wire up to the input jack I get no sound. There are two wires splitting out of the yellow ones sleeved in white, the other not sleeved at all. Would the latter be the ground? I'm also not sure about the wiring at the toggle switch. Any Ideas?
Thanks Again and sorry if the pic is small. It wont load any bigger than 97.7 kbs
Upload the picture to Imageshack.com so you can post it full size here.

Edit: looks like one's the ground and one's the common. The wire connecting on the inside is the common, the one on the outside is the ground. Maybe. I can't see tiny pictures.
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Bummer still no sound. Does the wiring on the switch look correct. Its probably hard to tell with the pic but there are three prongs on the top of the box and one on the side in the middle. The grounds are connected one (grey wire) to the top prong (rhythm) the yellow ground to the side middle prong and the other (grey wire) to the bottom prong (treble). All 3 commons (which split off the 2 grey and 1 yellow wires) are connected to the middle switch. Does that sound like the correct order?
Thanks again for your advice and time.

Here is a pic at a different angle
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