MIA Deluxe? It's a hell of a guitar, bud. One of Fender's fastest necks, and I say that including Jackson and Charvel.
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yeah, dope guitar dude for sure. want one so bad. go for it bro
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yep MIA deluxe

I should mention however that I already have a MIM tele with bareknuckle yardbirds, and musicman silhouette for the tele/strat sound, would it really benefit me? I already have a lot of guitars and my budget isn't unlimited, but I mean I don't need money right now as I'm leaving with my parents, and I figure if I ever decide to sell it I guess I could get 1200 for it seeing how good it looks...
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The one single thing that's making me hesitate is how disappointed I was when I got my silhouette... It's supposed to be quite an expensive one, but I had a special endorsement deal and got it for 500 bucks, but it didn't feel so special to me, I'm just scared the tele will do the same...
Also, the guy with the tele lives pretty far away, I'm having trouble really realizing how I could actually meet him
It's used? $1,000 is pretty steep for that. I thought we were talking a new guitar. Which year?
Eh, ebay's got prices around $1,000+. I might just be out of touch with the Tele market.
The Ebay prices I see for the deluxe are around $1,200 most of the time actually, and I figured I'd be able to sell it back for that price if I actually got it =p
I guess I'll just wait for a while, I don't need it at all, got at least 12 good guitars already, but still, I wouldn't mind another tele =)
I have the exact same guitar except it's brand new.
I put a Little '59 mini humbucker and it sounds AMAZING.
I'd say this is a steal, go for it!
My friend has the strat deluxe, and it's pretty ****ing awesome. I imagine the tele is the same.
My friend has an Ltd deluxe, and its pretty ****ing awesome. I imagine the tele is the same.

\/ Fwiw I was just being dumb. Ignore this post completely.
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^ If you were responding to Sulliger, the strat deluxe is probably closer to the tele deluxe than the ltd, seeing as the strat and tele series have the same grading and are more similar than an LTD would be...
I do suppose the strat deluxe and tele deluxe would be of similar quality, and that's good to know
Well, yeah. My friend's strat basically goes out of tune as much as a floyd rose, but you don't have to deal with a locking nut or cutting off the balls or anything, and I'm sure the tele's the same.
it is a very good guitar, easily one of the better tele's around. it will play circles around your mim, despite the modifications. it is a very nicely assembled guitar, and the spec is very well thought out.

I've said it before, but G&L still makes my favorite telecasters- they floored most of the fenders I tried. however, the MIA deluxe was pretty damn close.