The effect at the beginning is a Reverb pedal set at the Modulation setting.
Then a second guitar kicks in and at 0:56 onward you can clearly hear a Flanger and delay pedal being used on that guitar.

This BOSS Reverb pedal can definitely get you that spacey intro. See the Modulate setting on the last knob? That's what can do it. For the second guitar just buy a Flanger and delay pedal. There you have it.

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I'm no pro, but it sounds just like 2 clean electric guitars (I'm guessing single coils) with a delay/echo effect. Pretty cool sounding piece.

EDIT: CasinoEpiphone definitely seems to be more knowledgeable than I. Heed his wisdom.
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Chorus, delay and reverb. Lotsa treble. I'd guess a neck
Hb pup, sounds bright but not "strat-ish". I'm only guessing for amusement though so don't quote me on that

Ps it may have some tremolo effect too/instead. If you want a 2 guitar sound but only have 1, a looper is a practicing guitarist's best friend and is not cheating for live use as long as you are the only guitarist.
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