Hey, I've been playing guitar for like 2 and a half years I think and when I improvise I always seem to end up using the same licks... sometimes I get a feel for a backing track and play a really nice solo, other times it just sounds boring :/ I think that my main problem is instead of hearing what I want to play in my head, I don't think about what i'm playing, I know what notes too play and I just let me fingers do all the work and do their own thing...

Here's a video to show where I'm at now;


what needs improving?
please criticize
You've basically identified your problem: you're playing without listening, just running through the motions of licks you know. Always bad.

Another issue: you're viewing solo work too much as a collection of licks and it really comes through in your playing. You want to build a solo, not play a bunch of licks.
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There was some exercise I heard about on a youtube video that has actually worked for me. Put up a backing track, turn your lights out and play in the dark so you cant see what you're playing. You can only hear it. Find out what sounds good and follow your ear. Whenever I cant sleep I grab my acoustic in the middle of the night and do exactly this. It sound a bit corny, but it's helpful.
you want to be able to improvise better? Learn Scales, Modes & just try to have the vision to experiment...like get the program Super MP3 Editor Download it somewhere...then google search for any information you might need to keep & in that program you can flip MP3's Backwards & listen for stuff...one example...did you know the main riff for Crazy Train is like a Palindrome?! (meaning it's the same played forward or backwards). & Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin...go do a Youtube Search for "Stairway to Heaven backwards"...you'll be shocked
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I just learned and slightly mastered guitar scales and blues last year and I experience the same problem, I'm still taking some lessons o youtube about guitar licks so i could improve my skill in guitar soloing .
I couldn't hear you great with the camera quality and i don't really play metal, but generally...

1) Backing tracks that you aren't familiar with to expand your style
2) Come back to riffs you like to build a theme
3) play without thinking about it for some time. in the beginning it will be shit but it will sound better and better and then your improvising skills will be vastly improved.
4) use scales as a framework but you don't have to hold to them 100% of the time. Think about what breaking away might add to the solo or how it will draw attention to a different place.