Hi, this is my first post here, I'm a singer and I wanted to start a discussion about Sebastian Bach. I couldn't really find much talk about him on the web or various forums besides people going on about his hair and stuff haha.

But what I'd like to do is have a technical discussion about his voice.
Him, and Bruce Dickinson are the two vocalists that I would put on the throne in my opinion (just mine guys, I know there are other singers out there ) they are the best singers ever.

Sebastian Bach throws me a little, I don't Know exactly what techniques he uses
To achieve his sound. Some kind of pitched distortion scream that sounds ungodly. That goes along with his perfect clear clean vocals.

Can anyone offer some insight on how Bach sings?

I may be a little weak on vocal theory but I'll pick up the lingo as the discussin goes on.

Thanks guys, any opinions are greatly appreciated!
its all from the guts .i know a singer that is damn good and i ask him all the time how he dose it he tells me that you got to lern how to use your guts im like ok .but bruce and Sebastian they are bad ass i have seen them both and they are all balls out .
That's mad.
I've seen maiden three times but still waiting for Bach to come to Australia.
St Michael, that was a great read! I've heard him talk technically before but he really went into depth here with his bel canto training and so on

He obviously knows a lot about vocal theory.
Your voice is like a catchers mit, the more you work it into something you've never done before, the better it will get. Gotta be patient though cause it takes a long time to do. Especially a raspy power metal scream like Sebastian Bach does. \m/

A good thing to do is imitate his eyes and facial expressions as much as possible too, that can shave off a lot of practice
Bach isn't easy. He was one of the world's most virtuosic musicians.

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Interestingly, Johann Sebastian Bach was a famous boy soprano as a child. So he was a brilliant singer as well.

Must be something in the name.

I'm Extremly careful trying to imitate his scream. I can hit ALMOST all the notes he can but I don't try to recreate his scream very often for dear of injury, when I do I only do it for a very short period of time. If it hurts, ur doing it wrong.

Still fun tho
Sebastian Bach's screams are full voice unlike most high screams in rock/metal.

This is what separates him from most (but not all) of the others.

Ronnie James Dio also pretty much always screamed in full voice instead of falsetto.