The quality of the recording is quite good. Certainly one of the better quality recordings I've listened to on UG in quite awhile. Not that it's my genre, but it sounds quite good on my monitors.
Thanks for the comments. Professional is the goal but how professional is it? Is this completely up to pro standards? If not, what needs improvement to get it there? Can you think of any "pro" albums that this would compare to...not genre-wise but in terms of recording quality?

On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate the quality (with 10 being comparable to national act recordings).

Has anybody heard the Heritage album by Opeth? Would you say the recording quality of this is better or worse? Again, speaking solely in terms of recording quality.

Feel free to comment on the composition as well.
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On a scale of quality I'd give it an 7-8 compared to national acts. That's still pretty good considering what you're comparing it to. The tone/recording on the bass and guitar is pretty damn good. Some problems, when the full band kicks in, the vocals are a bit drowned out and muffled, hard to understand any lyrics, maybe turn them up for that part or eq them to stand out on their own frequency. The drums are, if i had to pick one part, that sound the least professional, recording wise I mean. They are just a bit lower quality in comparison to the rest of instruments, especially the kick and snare. The one other thing is the volume of the whole song overall could be higher, I had to turn it up a few notches more to equal the same volume as a professional song. I do really like the chorus even though it isn't quite my style of music. The only that loses my interest a bit is the intro, it seems like i'm hearing the same few notes over and over and in the industry, a producer is gonna listen to the first 15 seconds and if it doesn't hook them, they move on. Now i'm not sure what your intention is with this song but i'd say maybe just add a few things, variations, other instruments, etc to change it up and keep it interesting until the singing comes in. Sorry if this is a bit long winded. Do very much like the vocals, sound great and good use of range.
Thanks for the crit on mine...

Recording quality seems very good, nice tone on the guitars and the bass. I like the vocal style also, not really what I was expecting, but fits very well.
It's certainly very good, in terms of improvements, it's hard to think of that much, I guess I'd just echo what Arby77 said;
maybe just add a few things, variations, other instruments, etc to change it up and keep it interesting until the singing comes in

The playing is very good and tight throughout, and I'm certainly enjoying listening to it. So excellent in terms of composition, performance and production.
Firstly, please turn your recording into mp3s or put them on soundcloud/youtube or something.

200mb is silly

Very tool, I think the vocals are maybe too dry reverb wise to start with.

Maybe try EQing more bass/body in the vox, though sounds great anyway, maybe too harsh on the highs somewhere early on.

Love the groove at 5:20ish & Buildup at 7:00 - beautiful

Not too sure about the tone of the distorted highs guitars in the 7:40 section. Maybe flood it with more reverb/delay?

But anyway, ****ing well done.

Please comment on mine:

What the shet I already reviewed you on newgrounds and downloaded this :P I didn't even know this was you. Weird coincidence, huh?

Well at least I have the highest quality [204mb] file now. The stereo image seems to be even better on this one! I've yet to discuss the composition of the piece, so I might as well say that your transitions are wonderfully natural. Do they come automatically to you? I originally didn't hear the Tool influence in the song, but now that everyone else is suggesting it I do hear the melancholic undertones present in their music. Also, I especially love the intro. Great sound design there.